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Day 1 - 21 Days of "Plenty Too Much"

Grasping the Overwhelming Goodness of God

In my book, Plenty Too Much, I share how the words of an Africa Pastor who inspired the title of my book. He was expounding on God’s goodness. Kind of like you would do if you were reflecting and saying to God:

“Wow God you saved my soul and forgave all of my sins. If that’s all you had done that would have been so much more than I ever deserved. But that’s not all. You wrote my name in Your Book of Life and I am going to live forever in glory! If that was all you did that is way more than I could ever deserved. But that’s not all you did. You gave me freedom, You gave me my family, You’ve healed my Body and mind.. Finally, the Pastor said, “O Lord you love us ‘plenty too much.’

Isn’t it amazing that God doesn’t just answer prayer but the Bible says He is able and eager to do infinitely more than we could ask or imagine. He doesn’t just promise to bless our children but our children’s children and their children to a thousand generations. He doesn’t just give us peace, but peace that passes all understanding, joy unspeakable and full of glory. One of the most powerful revelations a person could ever have is simply the knowledge that God is absolutely GOOD all the time. His thoughts for us are good, His plans for us are good, His presence and provision is absolutely good. Goodness isn’t just there but running after us in spite of what we might see in our circumstances or feel in our emotions.

A key part of having a PTM mindset is making sure that we just keep stretching our heart and letting it every day expand around the reality of the goodness of God that is towards us. We have a choice every day to let the goodness of God be at the center of our focus rather than the badness of the world. Of course, the key to this is gratitude. Have you noticed how the more you remember, choose to be grateful, and stretch your heart around the goodness of God the more you sense that your life is full, that you have plenty too much. Not necessarily because your circumstances have changed but because you realize His goodness is more than enough.

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