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About Dale

Dale Walker has been a pastor for over 40 years in Texas and New Mexico. After pioneering and growing Vineyard Church of Northeast El Paso for 20 years, Dale felt that God spoke clearly to his heart that Las Cruces, NM, would be the land of his anointing for the next season of life. It was here where Dale and his wife Sharon founded Heart for the World Church. The two also founded an international missions organization called Heart for the World Ministries. In 2010, Dale published his first book Kissing the Face of God. Dale and Sharon currently reside in Las Cruces, and enjoy being "Grammy and Papa" to their 20 grandchildren.


Why a Blog?

As a pastor of 40 years, through highs and lows, through more failures than successes, I have never doubted that I was given the greatest job a person could ever have. While nothing has thrilled me more than serving God’s people, there is also nothing that has hurt me more, stressed me more, frustrated me more than ministry. I can relate to Paul’s description of raising disciples as “being in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.” (Gal. 4:19) The results are incredible but frankly sometimes the process stinks. 


There have been so many colleagues in ministry over the years whom I love so dearly, who have given up, burned out, bailed out, or broke down. It truly breaks my heart because I knew childbirth was coming if they didn’t give up. 


The bottom line is that I love pastors. 


I know that shepherds are just sheep too, with a different load of responsibilities. I know that they are especially targeted by the enemy for destruction. I feel compelled to help and encourage pastors the way so many have done for me. 


I can think of nothing in the world that I would rather be able to do than to add value to pastors, encourage and help them flourish and finish their race victoriously.


I also believe that one of the greatest needs of our world today is for shepherds. The Bible says that Jesus saw the multitudes and he felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd (Mat. 9:36). Billions of people’s spiritual lives and potential are ruined and wasted because they don’t have anyone spiritually protecting, guiding, and teaching them God’s word. The shepherds Jesus told us to pray for are not only spiritual pastors, they are small group leaders, business leaders who see their employees as their congregation, Christians coaches who guide students in athletics not just to make them good athletes but great people. 


There are innumerable ways that God calls people to be His “shepherds”. It is my desire, through this blog and through the resources, seminars, retreats, and other mentoring opportunities that HFTW provides, to add value to these “hidden heroes”, precious women and men who are shepherds after God’s heart.



Dale Walker


Come hear Dale preach at his home church of Heart for the World Church in Las Cruces, NM. You can also tune in to Dale's latest sermon messages at, YouTube, or SoundCloud

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