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Day 7 - 21 Days of "Plenty Too Much"


As we learn how to replace a scarcity mindset with an abundance mindset we learn that there is nothing more important than coming to know who we are “in Christ.”  Though we often struggle with the fear of I don’t or won’t have enough, for many people an even bigger stronghold is that I won’t be enough.  I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, faithful enough worthy enough.  This often drives us into a dead end cycle of trying to perform or prove that I can be enough.  The problem is that any sense of acceptability or worthiness that is based on my performance or earning that standing in the eyes of others is doomed to fail.  How the accuser of our soul loves to take advantage of this and keep reminding us of how unqualified or unworthy we are so that we will jump on the rat wheel and run ourselves to despair.

One of the most powerful and freeing moments that comes in our life is to discover that our identity is a gift that comes from being “In Christ.”  No matter how far we fall short of the gap of what we should be in our performance, Jesus makes up the gap because He is the righteousness of God on our behalf.   Almost like a child emptying his piggy bank to buy a toy and his Dad watching over to cover whatever the difference of the cost is.  Even when we are aware that we are weak and don’t have the spiritual muscle to do what a Christian should do, the amazing thing is that “His strength is made perfect in weakness, and so when I am weak then I am strong.”  I like to say, when I feel like the great “are not” He is the great “I am.”

I remember when the Lord called me to preach and pastor, I was overwhelmed with insecurity.  I felt like saying, “Lord, if I try to preach to people they will discover and think I’m a big hypocrite because I am so flawed and fail so often to live the life I’m preaching.  I’m so disqualified Lord, you just can’t use me.  I remember how I was going on and on just telling the Lord how unworthy I was.  Then, I heard a pastor talking from the Book of Romans and revealing to me that the fact is that no matter how unworthy I feel I am the truth is that I’m even more unworthy than that. 

There is none righteous, no not one.  The very best I can do is fail.  On my best day I fall way short of God’s standard.  I could agree with Paul in Romans 7, “O wretched man that I am.”  But then I discovered Romans chapter 8 and the overwhelming grace that has replaced what I’ve done and who I am before God with Jesus’ righteousness and who He is.  The Lord showed me that when He sees me, all He sees is Jesus in me and who He’s made me to be.  I learned my call was not to look to my performance to be qualified but completely to turn my focus on who Jesus was in me, who He saw me.  In the same way Gideon agreed with God that he was a mighty man of valor despite how he had been acting, agreeing with God is the first step towards becoming who we are.

Certainly, that didn’t mean excusing my sin or not repenting when I need to.  It did mean refusing to allow myself to believe, though, that those things changed my standing.  Not only was I completely righteous but I was completely competent to do anything God would lead me to do, because my competence is Christ in me.  This took condemnation and fear off of my life and allowed me to begin to boldly move to my purpose and destiny in God.  Today I rejoice that I am a deeply flawed, completely loved, weak and fragile more than competent and capable noble son of the Most High God who can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  The more you and I know we are enough in Him the more we will see that we have what it takes to rise to our destiny and be enough for His glory.

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