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1. God has done mighty things in my life.

2. God has saved me by grace, not my own works.

3. God has given me a new start through new birth. I’m a new creation.

4. He has given me the gift of His Word with great promises; all of which are mine.

5. He gave me the gift of life. I am wonderfully and beautifully made.

6. He has given me the gift of wisdom through the Holy Spirit living within me.

7. For the gift of peace that I can have in any situation.

8. For the gift of laughter: for the joy of the Lord that is my strength

9. For the gift of significant people in my life: friends

10. For the gift of parents and guardians

11. For the gift of my church

12. For the gift of God’s friendship and continual companionship

13. For the gift of discipline that makes me better

14. For the gift of trials

15. For the gift of the crown of life

16. For the gift of light

17. For the gift of protection

18. For the gift of God’s shepherding

19. For the gift of God’s complete forgiveness

20. For the gift of my foundation

21. For Jesus’ gift of being our good shepherd

22. For the gift of a full life

23. For Heaven’s treasures that await me

24. For all the things of provision He promises

25. For God’s tender care of me

26. For God’s steadfast love

27. For God as my hope and my trust

28. For knowing and caring for all the details of my life

29. For my daily bread

30. For my job

31. For answered prayers

32. For His purpose, for answered prayers

33. For the future harvest

34. For His plans for me

35. For letting us be the Bride of Christ

36. For Jesus’ return

37. For my Heavenly home

38. For making the way known to me

39. For the Holy Spirit

40. For my personal leaders and country

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