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“and provide for those who grieve in Zion-to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.” (Isaiah 61:3)

Yesterday, we began to talk about how God can redeem failure. We especially mentioned that kind of failure that comes in our attempts to do things new and different. How about times when our failure is an act of disobedience or sin? I believe we need hope the most when we feel like we deserve it the least.

That’s what the Prodigal discovered when he came home to his Father. Mother Teresa called failure the “kiss of Jesus,” based on this story. So many allow the regrets of their past to be the limits of what they feel like they can hope for in their future. I’ve heard people say the words, “If only” and allow it to be almost be an epitaph of what could’ve been but never will. Certainly, people like Eve, David, and Peter could’ve let their potential end in regret. But, instead they found that the grace of Jesus that can redeem our worst regrets. Unlike Judas, Peter didn’t let his story end with his denial, he allowed the grace of Jesus to rekindle hope. His failure became the humility that helped him birth and lead the early church. Jonah went from failure to lead a revival in Ninevah.

In fact, throughout history we see over and over God turning people biggest messes into their greatest missions and ministries. Paul rose up from being the chief of sinners to be the champion of grace. I know so many who have gone from things like divorce, incarceration, abortion, or addiction and be raised up to give hope to those who have that as their story. God wants us to give Him our failures so that He can turn fertilizer into flowers.

I love this quote from Dutch Sheets:

“When we have spoiled his plan for us by our folly or ignorance, He has another waiting for us. Every day is a fresh beginning, and the future is radiant with another chance through Him. His imperial voice will bid the dead hopes of yesterday to rise in newness of life and fill the latter days with glorious achievement.”

It is time to bring that crown of shame that you have been wearing from your past and let God turn it into a crown of beauty.



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