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One of the most important keys to living in faith is to apply faith to how you see yourself. I’ve said in the past “you can’t soar like an eagle if you believe you’re a chicken.”

When Israel was passing through a crisis with the Mideonites in the book of Judges, God chose Gideon to be his instrument of deliverance. What is interesting is that before He told Gideon what he was suppose to do, He told Gideon who he was. Judges 6:12 says, “The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, “Mighty hero, the Lord is with you.” (NLT) God called him a hero before he had won any battles. In fact at that moment he was hiding from the enemy.

The significance is that “success is always something you are before it is something you do.” People who are going to stand strong in a crisis do so because they believe that is who they are.

I heard about a very effective leader who gathered all of his staff together. There were dozens of them. He told them that in addition to any other titles or job descriptions they had he was going to give them all a new one. They all now were going to have by their name a new title. The initials were going to be C.P.S (Chief Problem Solvers). They weren’t for example just the janitor, they were now the Chief Problem Solvers of janitorial services. The result was that the company grew and became more successful as problems were solved quicker and better. So many people avoid or pass on problems to others because they don’t see it as their job or their strength to solve problems. Yet, God says we are all more than conquerors. “Conquerors” are people who solve big problems. They overcome the enemy in big battles of life.

Today I want to deputize you and recognize all of you as C.P.S heroes for your family, church, business, school or wherever you serve.



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