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Yesterday we celebrated Resurrection Sunday. That day truly represents a day of faith realized. It is a demonstration of the kind of faith we love: breakthrough faith. But there is also another critical kind of faith. Not only was there Resurrection Sunday there was also what we might call Silent Saturday. If we had been a disciple walking in faith on Saturday, we would’ve needed to have faith for those in between times. The times between the problem and the provision are hard times to walk in faith. Many of us are in those times right now as we wait for this pandemic to end. This is an expression of faith we call trust. Believing faith is faith acting and claiming. Trusting faith is faith resting.

I remember reading about a girl on a ship in a storm whose Dad was the captain of the ship. Everyone was panicking around her. She suddenly asked one of the officers. “Is my Dad at the helm?” When she heard the answer was yes, she went to her room laid in her bed and fell asleep. This is what Jesus was doing during a storm you might remember.

Trust is, having said our prayers, learning how to rest in the promises of God. It is leaving it in God’s hands how and when He is going to choose to answer our prayer. Though it may seem passive it is not. Sometimes, taking a nap is a bold statement of faith. Trust means we’ve prayed through and we are in agreement with God, that “He’s got this,” so we don’t have to worry. It is a way of saying we’ve surrendered to our Heavenly Father, who we know always “knows best.”

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

I like to think of it like you might do if you drove one of the Telsa cars. It drives itself. This would mean literally letting go of the steering wheel. That sounds kind of scary to me but people do it all the time. How much more should we do it with God.

I especially liked a story I heard Greg Laurie share. He loved to take his son Christopher to the store to buy the latest star wars toys. One time, on a special occasion, he took him and asked him to pick out what he wanted. His son said, “You choose for me Dad.” “I want whatever you choose.” Greg ended up buying him several toys. It was like his son’s request allowed him to be even extra generous. I think trusting God is like that. It blesses God’s heart when we say, “You decide Father, I trust you.”



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