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An important part of the life of faith is standing in the authority that Jesus has given to claim the total victory that is already ours in Christ. In Joshua 10:24 there is a story where Joshua having defeated the Canaanite Kings has an execution of the Kings. He has a ceremony in front of the people where he stands on their necks to declare their reign is over. This is a picture of what Jesus did at the cross and resurrection, where he destroyed Satan, sin, death, and disease on our behalf.

The symbolism is important, because in the story Joshua calls the captains of the people to come over and put their feet where he had put his foot. Joshua wanted them to personalize that this was their victory too and that they should never be afraid in future battles they might face.

In Luke 10:19 Jesus uses language like this to tell us “I have given you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” As we are praying for spiritual victories on our behalf and others, we should hesitate to take the authority that is in the name of Jesus and stand on His words for healings and victory not only for ourselves but those we’re interceding for. One of my favorite songs is the song “I AM HEALED.” Here are the lyrics in case you want to find it on YouTube and sing it.

Lord I’m desperate for your power, I need a miracle. And Lord I’m desperate for your touch, I need a miracle.

Heaven’s floor is shaking, healing rain is falling.

And I am healed, I know I am. For my God says I am. And come what may, my faith will stand. I am healed, I know I am.

Sickness, you have no power here

Darkness, you have no power here

Chaos, you have no power here in Jesus’ name.

Sickness, you have no power here, Darkness, you have no power here, Chaos, you have no power here in Jesus’ name.

I’m challenging us to put our foot down on the virus’ that is attacking, put the whole armor of God on in prayer, and stand up for ourselves, our family, our nation, and the world!

Love, Dale

To watch a short video on the subject go to:

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