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We began discussing yesterday, one of the most critical aspects of walking by faith. It is believing “I am who He says I am.” In I John 4:17b, John writes a stunning phrase. He says, “as He is so are we in this world.”

Many people are familiar and have tried to put into practice the WWJD tag line: “What would Jesus do?” I wonder how many people have ever thought of this tagline, “What did Jesus have?” The Bible teaches us that as Christians our lives are positioned in Christ. We are like branches connected to the Vine. It’s not just us living but, “Christ living in us.” (Galatians 2:20)

Jesus faced every situation, even the most terrifying and grave with the Father’s wisdom, peace, anointing, love, and power. He saw Himself not just as natural but supernatural. In other words, He knew that in His spiritual tool bag were not only natural intelligence but gifts like prophecy, the word of knowledge, and miracles.

Why do many Christians who are authorized to do what Jesus did never live or minister beyond what they could do naturally? I think it is because they still don’t believe about themselves what Jesus believes and says is true.

If we’re going to be difference makers in this time of crisis we need to start receiving new paradigms of how we see ourselves. I had a funny example of this. A group from Costa Rica asked me to come and speak a week or two before Easter. I told them that Easter is a busy time and there is so much preparation to do for our local church activities. The lady who was writing me had been to our church in the past. She said, “I realize this, but I also know that you are so organized Pastor Dale. I’m sure you’ve figured out all that needs to be done way in advance.”

When I shared this with my inner circle they all got a good laugh. In the natural I tend to be quite a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy. After we laughed, a thought came to mind. What if God was trying to speak to me of what He sees I’m becoming in the next season of life?

I claimed that new identity and am daring to believe something that seems so impossible. Almost like Sarah having a baby at 90 years old. But, I remembered there is nothing too hard for God.

What if God is trying to rename you and re-identify you with the person He sees you to be. I dare you to let Him.



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