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21 Days in the Word - Tool 9 - A S.O.A.P. Model Example


“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NKJV)


1.Inspiration means “God breathed.” It is the infallible, incorruptible truth of God, the highest bar of evidence, the final verdict on what truth is, the revelation by which every idea and opinion is weighed and judged. It is God breathed and means that it has the same power and relevance as if it was being spoken to us by Jesus Himself.

2.It is profitable. There is always going to be a high return on investing time and effort in understanding and applying it.

3.It is a tool that is life changing in so many areas

a. It is the basis for doctrine the overarching way of understanding truth about God, what He’s done, and how He wants us to see things in all categories of our relationship with Him. Things such as salvation, Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell, what and how Church is supposed to work...

b. Reproof and correction means that it is to be allowed to expose the truth about our hearts, beliefs, and lifestyle and where we are in need of correction and discipline. It also means that when we embrace its correction with confession, repentance, and faith, it cuts off and delivers us from that bondage. It is also to be the basis for teaching others right and wrong and challenging them to change directions and line up with God’s will.

c. It gives us instruction in righteousness. This refers to training and equipping. It gives us tools to handle all decisions of life in ways that keep us in alignment with God’s will.

d.It is the key not only to knowing what to do, but how to execute our decisions in the way that produces the most good.


1. I need to look at spending my time in the Bible each morning as going to the well of life and receiving the water of life that will flow in and through me to every circumstance and person I encounter today. As a Pastor, it is my consistency in studying God’s Word to hear God speak in my life that is going to be the key to having an impact on others that I’m called to lead.

2.Don’t just read the Bible to prepare for sermons, read it to be changed and instructed for your life, sermons will be a natural byproduct of that.

3. Even though I don’t like to do it, sharing the truth of Scripture in love with people who are getting off track is my responsibility and has the potential of setting them free and bringing them back. I will receive the courage to be faithful and the wisdom as to how to bring correction more effectively to my life and the lives of others when it is needed.

4. As I read I am conscious of the fact that I am storing in my tool box truth that I will need to be successful in each decision and problem I face through my day and life. I realize that the Word is God breathed, meaning I know the Holy Spirit wants to bring it to my conscious mind throughout the day at just the points I need it. I believe that in this way God’s Word will be the voice of God in my heart, conscious, and mind telling me this is what I should think, do, decide, act on, and expect next.


Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank You for Your inspired, infallible Word today that You have given me in Scripture. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that in it You have given me all that I need to have for victory, for life, and godliness. I thank you that because it is God-breathed I can expect You, Holy Spirit, to make it alive inside of me all through the day. I expect to be consciously aware of Your conversation of love with my spirit, letting me know how You are in me and are for me all I need for every situation. I can sense from Holy Spirit Your Word giving me wisdom for the decisions I’m faced with today.

Dear Jesus,

Empower me to take the general Word of revelation “the Logos” and be able to apply it as the “rhema” (specific revelation to the situation I face now before me). Let me take it as the “go to” tool that I will use to stop the enemy in his tracks as I discern what he’s trying to do. Let me use it to unravel the best approach and decision to the problems I encounter. Let me use it as the tool to help those I’m calling to lead, walk in freedom, victory, and wholeness in their lives.

Lord Jesus,

I declare that You are sending Your word and healing me today, where I have pain. I declare that You are enlightening my mind, giving me courage, comforting my soul, breathing faith for me to believe for all of the great and mighty things Your word is showing me that are Your promises for my life.

In Jesus’ Name,


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