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  • Dale Walker

Prayer For Revival

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray, in agreement with You, that HFTW will become a healing and impartation center for New Mexico, West Texas, and Chihuahua Mexico. You have said, Lord, that you would make this place like the pool of Bethesda, we would be a healing and Holy Spirit renewal center. Tens of thousands of wounded, hurting, and hungry people will visit this place and come through the doors seeking refuge in the Holy Spirit.

You have also said that You would mobilize us; that teams of people would be sent out to take healing on the wings of worship to the nations. You have said that You would give an impartation and anointing to be a voice of healing. We would build a house like the upper room; that people who are thirsty, wounded, and hungry for a fresh encounter with God may come in an environment of great faith and expectation to receive.

You have said, that You would anoint us for commissioning and impartation. That thousands would receive a fresh impartation of revival anointing to take it from this place. Lord, You have said that the more we give away the fire the more our lamps will be filled with fresh oil.

Lord, I believe You are opening the windows of Heaven over HFTW people. I believe You will open their hearts and minds to be aware of Your gifts; to easily and freely be able to reach up and receive the gifts of Your Holy Spirit, and to bring breakthroughs of spirit, soul, and body to Your people. You have confirmed over and over again that fresh wind, fresh fire is here, available, is coming in ways that we have never seen, and greater than we have ever imagined.

You have put the burden of revival on our soul. We can’t bear the thought of church as usual continuing; people just filing in and filing out of church unchanged, in lifeless tradition. We need a move! Our youth and kids will either have their hearts stolen and captivated by You, or stolen and captivated by the world. We declare and believe Lord that it will be You. Like an unstoppable contagion, passion for Jesus will spread, devouring the darkness, moving spontaneously both within and without of any church setting, making way for city, state, and national transformation. We can’t work it up or make it happen; however, we can and must prepare and expect. Just like Noah building the ark, we will build it and You will come.

As we prepare, Lord. I am asking for 100 radical, on fire believers so thirsty for you. They care nothing about time, tradition, and comfort zones; rather, they just want to go for God. I pray for them to be drawn together. I pray for them to be eager to be trained in how to bring a visitation of the Holy Spirit to a hurting body, a wounded soul, and broken spirit. I pray that they will learn to step up into discernment, revelation, sensitivity, compassion and love. I pray that your voice will be so simple and natural for them to hear. Visions, dreams, awareness of angelic movements, prophetic words, unusual impartations and gifts of faith will just be the new normal for them.

They will be like the servants at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. They will just hear Jesus say, “Take the water of healing and impartation to the ones who are thirsty”, and even though they don’t feel like they have any water in the vase, they will just go and Your miracle gifts will appear.

I declare over HFTW: We weren’t called together for just ministry, we were called together for a move of God. We were called for such a time as this. Bring all your vessels, not a few. Bring your requests, your expectations, your boldest prayers, your determined faith. Be unafraid to look like a fool for God. The work of the Spirit is foolishness to the world. The religious spirits will judge and oppose. The glory of God in the room will be so hot, you will either jump in the fire to be consumed by His love or you will flee to protect the status quo and comfort zones of your heart.

We are not making ourselves available for this because of a desire to be successful, bigger, or to please people. We have one passion that is to please Jesus and welcome the Holy Spirit. We have no desire to control Him, but only a passionate desire for Him to control us. We know the risk. We understand where there is wheat, there will be tares. Where there is faith, there will be some foolishness. Where there is truth, some will bring error. We know the kingdom suffers violence; nevertheless, we are willing to press in and claim it by a forceful abandonment of ourselves and resistance to the fears and doubts of our flesh. We are willing to not avoid; instead, we will push back the gates of Hell. We are going for it, all the way, everyday, and nothing shall stop us. In Jesus’ Name!

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